Home Chef Pt. 1


I have been wanting to start cooking more...actually just cooking period because I don't now. I have a few health issues that could be solved by taking better care of myself so I decided to make a change. I kept seeing ads for all kinds of meal delivery services. I checked out a few of the most popular ones and landed on Home Chef. I liked the price and the selection of meals. Nothing seemed too crazy and it all sounded like stuff I would enjoy eating. I signed up with a code I got off of Facebook so my first week was only about $30. For that I got two dinners (2 servings each so for me it was actually 4 dinners), a smoothie kit that was also 2 servings, and a fruit basket. One dinner was maple butter pork chops, broccoli mash, and roasted potatoes. The second dinner was grilled chicken with garlic and herb wasakaka sauce, sweet potato, and cucumber salad. The smoothie was a mango-kiwi smoothie and the fruit was 2 Fuji apples, 1 grapefruit, and 1 mango. So far I have had the smoothie kit which was pretty good. I actually messed up and forgot the mango both times so I think it could have been better had I added that. The second meal was the maple butter pork chops (pictured in my featured image). When I tell you this is the best meal I have ever cooked I am not kidding. It was so delicious and filling and, most importantly for me, gluten free. The recipe card said it would take about 30 minutes to make. It took me way longer but it has been a while since I have been in the kitchen so that might be why. There were minimal steps though and the only ingredients of my own that I had to provide were salt and pepper. I also didn't have to have any crazy kitchen utensils which I liked. So far I am giving Home Chef a 10 out of 10.

The food arrived on a Friday. You get charged the week before and you have until you are charged to edit your menu. They have about 13 meals to choose from each week which includes a different smoothie kit and the same fruit basket. They have gluten free, soy free, and vegetarian options which I love. The cost is $9.95 per serving for almost every meal. Very few are more and the smoothies and fruit are $4.95 per serving. You can get 2, 4, or 6 servings per meal. When it arrived the box was insulated with a thick pad. There were a TON of ice packs and plastic inside so everything stayed cold and fresh. I didn't like that there was so much trash after unpacking since I live in an apartment and had to take everything to the dumpster but that is really my only complaint. I have read several reviews that say the food wasn't fresh but my experience was the complete opposite. The recipe card even tells you within how many days to cook each meal so it doesn't go to waste. I will definitely be getting another order soon. I think I am only going to start out doing it once a month so I don't get overwhelmed. Luckily you can easily skip as many weeks as you like and they make it very easy with the Home Chef app. I will keep you guys posted on future meals and if I continue to be a satisfied customer. In the meantime if you want to try Home Chef out I have a link where you can get $30 off.

Until next time my lovely readers,