...maybe you can't DIY


I decided to try a DIY project since I am usually really bad at recreating recipes or projects that other people make look so great and easy. I searched for hours for something that I thought would be easy and cute. I found a video on Facebook for sprinkle chocolate ice cream bowls from Delish.com. You essentially melt chocolate chips then blow up a balloon to a small size. You dip the balloon in the melted chocolate then in sprinkles. You're supposed to let it set in the fridge or freezer then when you pop the balloon you're left with a bowl for your ice cream. I followed the directions exactly which was frustrating because the video made it look easy and cute. It was difficult and somewhat messy. I let the chocolate harden and to my dismay when I popped the balloon I couldn't get it unstuck from the chocolate no matter how hard I tried. I kept breaking off pieces of the bowl because I was having to hold it to peel the balloon which kept ripping. I decided to try spraying the second balloon with coconut oil Pam spray to see if it would make the balloon come off easier. It still didn't work. Needless to say I was really disappointed since I wanted to have a successful easy DIY to share with you guys. I am still searching for something else to try but if you have any ideas feel to free to share them with me. Or if you have tried this particular DIY and got it to work please share your secret.

Until the next DIY fail,